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DOXY Die Cast - Black

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The Die Cast has the renowned reputation of being the most powerful plug-in wand massager in the universe, delivering the deep rumbling vibrations Doxy are praised for.

The Doxy Die Cast is the largest of the range. The luxurious aluminium/titanium alloy bodies are cast in their own factories, hand polished, assembled and tested before being despatched around the world. Quality is assured as is their long-lasting durability.

For customers who love the Doxy Original experience, and who would like even bigger feelings, the Doxy Die Cast is what you are looking for. It’s so special that it’s delivered in its own luxurious keepsake box.

It has all the qualities you treasure about the Doxy Original but, because it is cast in an aluminium-titanium alloy, its stunningly sleek body has more weight and delivers an even more profound and powerful experience.