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ElectraStim - Long Pads

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Longer and slimmer than the original square ElectraPads, this set of 4 uni-polar self-adhesive pads can be used for more precise stimulation across the labia, around the penis, over the perineum or anywhere else below the waist.

Because the surface area is smaller, you experience more intense stimulation that’s better targeted to your most responsive areas. Connect 2 pads to a single channel on your stimulator, remove the plastic backing and press them against the desired area. You can even share sensations with your lover when you each wear a pad connected to the same channel. Not only will you feel tingles and contractions where the pad touches your body, you’ll also feel them everywhere you touch one another.

Self-adhesive electro-conductive pads are some of the most versatile styles of electrode available. Perfect for couple's play, they can be worn anywhere below the waist to enhance your sexual pleasure during masturbation, foreplay, oral sex and sex.

Each pad can be used up to 6 times by the same person and has a clear plastic backing that should be replaced after each use. If the pads start to dry out, add a single drop of water to the surface and massage in gently to refresh the adhesive.

Each pad measures 0.6 inches wide x 3 inches long.

ElectraPads need to be connected to an ElectraStim stimulator in order for sensation to be felt.