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Perfect Fit - ErgoFlo Pro Shower & Travel Douche

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ergofló pro is the next-generation shower and travel anal douche you can set up and remove in seconds. ergofló was engineered (and tested!) to perform like no other douche.

"Low-Pressure Power, High-Pressure Performance!"


- Converts high pressure to a comfortable flow for cleaning expediently and efficiently.
- Shower clip snaps onto any standard shower-head pipe
- Superior silicone funnel bag with 6’ (183 cm) silicone douche hose and a 5’ (152 cm) silicone drain hose

Providing a superior clean, lots of comfort and extreme versatility when it comes to travel and portability, Ergoflo's Pro represents an advanced level douche system designed for seamless use in the shower. Consisting of a silicone funnel bag, extra long silicone hoses for drain and douche respectively plus a choice of two tips and a handy nylon storage/travel bag, the Pro assembles quickly in any shower for quick, thorough cleansing.
Featuring Ergoflo's specialized pressure conversion technology, the Pro maintains a comfortable flow pressure through the funnel bag, hose and tip. More efficient and effective than a high pressure 'blast' effect, the steady flow rinses and cleanses extremely well, remaining comfortable throughout the process. Two interchangeable tips are included with the Pro, a smaller, reliably firm ABS plastic nozzle as well as a larger silicone Flex-Tip. Both screw quickly to the long douche hose.
In skin safe phthalate free ABS plastic and silky high end silicone, all components of the Pro clean easily and thoroughly, disassembling completely during clean-up. The silicone parts can be fully sterilized if desired, place through a cycle in the dishwasher (top rack, no soap), boil briefly or wipe down with a 10% bleach solution. Always use a great quality water-based lube, if needed, avoid silicone based lubes and contact with other soft toy materials. Some assembly required.


- Ergoflo™ pro superior silicone funnel bag
- Shower clip
- 8” (20 cm) silicone flex-tip
- 5” (13 cm) premium tip
- 6’ (183 cm) silicone douche hose
- 5’ (152 cm) silicone drain hose
- Nylon storage and travel bag
- Instructions for setup and use

ergofló pro folds to a compact size for storage and travel in the included nylon bag