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Master Series - Interlace Bed Restraint Set

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This Master Series Interlace Restraint Kit is versatile enough to bind them in all ways you can imagine. The kit contains eight contact points which can be sure to fit any sized mattress. Now you can easily and discreetly convert your bedroom into your own bondage play room with the Master Series Interlace Bed Restraint Set.

The Interlace set makes it possible to transform your bed into a real bondage bed where control, pleasure and dominance is the focus.

The black nylon straps fit most mattresses and form a cross in the middle like a kinky BDSM cross.  There are firmly mounted practical D-rings in 8 places on the restraint set for variance in play.

The four removable ankle and wrist cuffs are made of neoprene to ensure their comfort, and yet still be restrained to your liking, you can experiment with binding both wrists and ankles at the same time.

Each cuff is adjustable to fit most and made with Velcro to ensure a quick release. You can, of course, use your own favourite bondage gear.