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Tenga - 3D - Spiral

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A form created from winding hexagonal plates.
The three-dimensional structure is constructed by stacking hexagonal plates while twisting them.

You can enjoy the fine stimulus created by the fine edge of each step and the dynamic stimulus created by the whole twist.

Both the varying sensations of the spiral form and the detailed ribs of each step of the walls combine to provide two separate stimuli catering to those adherent to both hard and soft sensations.
Play, wash and play again and again!
  • Reusable
  • Stretchable Material
  • Sample Lubricant Included 

(D × W × H mm): 48 × 48 × 116
Insertion Length Approx(mm): Stretches to Approx. 240
Insertion Width Approx(mm): Stretches to Approx. 70

Internal Sleeve: Ag Antibacterial Elastomer