Tenga - Geo - Aqua

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Intricate details, inspired by mathematics and nature, adorn the outside of the TENGA GEO.

AQUA: Fluid ridges for direct, undulating pleasure.

Turn the GEO inside-out, and these geometric shapes transform into densely packed internal details.

Made of thick and soft custom material, enjoy the sensations to be found in these intricate details.

  • Invert the product for use
  • Stretchable Material
  • Easy-to-wash
  • Reusable item 
  • Includes a stand for hygienic drying
  • A clear case for storage ensures hygiene
  • Sample pouch of lotion included


Insertion Length (mm): Stretches to approx. 170
Insertion Width (mm): Stretches to approx. 50

Product: Elastomer

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