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Doxy Die Cast 3 - Black

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This petite device has all the qualities our customers appreciate in the larger Doxy Original and Doxy Die Cast massagers; great looks, high quality materials, a smooth silicone head and perfect control. 

Whether you want penetrating massage for painful muscles or added excitement for your intimate enjoyment, the smaller size helps you to deliver the fabled Doxy power to just the right spot.

How does the Die Cast 3 compare to the larger wands? The body of the Die Cast 3 is smaller and so Doxy use a smaller motor. BUT because the aluminium body is much stronger than plastic, Doxy are able to put heavy weights inside. This produces that famous deep rumbly vibration Doxy is known for.

The head has a smaller surface area compared to the Original and larger Die Cast, concentrating that power to pinpoint accuracy - Ideal for couple play, getting into those hard to reach places!

Good to know:

  • Product Dimensions
    Body Length: 28cm
    Head Diameter: 4.5cm
    Body Circumference: 12cm
    Weight: 350g
  • Power Supply
    Plug-top power supply delivers low voltage direct current
    Provided Adapters in the box - UK, EU, US & AU/NZ
  • Cable Length
    3 metres (10 feet)