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ElectraStim - Axis

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High-spec dual channel electro stimulator- use up to 4 accessories at once
99 Intensity Levels- will power even the largest of toys!
7 Play modes- choose from Wave, Pulse, Flick, Tilt, Proximity, Microphone or Line-In
40+ pre-programmed patterns - wide variety of Wave/Pulse patterns built-in
Proximity Sensor- the closer you are to the AXIS, the higher the intensity!
Gesture Sensor - control intensity, change pattern or skip modes with just a wave of your hand. Perfect if you have reduced dexterity during play.
Audio Play- control the stimulation with your favourite music or the sound of your voice
USB rechargeable battery - environmentally conscious high capacity battery (charged with USB micro)
User Updatable firmware- free updates for life. Windows and Mac apps available.* 


    The AXIS Luxury Electro Stimulator by ElectraStim is a high-spec dual output e-stim powerbox and is the first in the world to incorporate multiple input sensors for a truly customisable e-stim experience.

    Control AXIS with the tactile buttons, a flick of your wrist, a wave of your hand, the sound of your voice or even the proximity of your partner’s body. AXIS gives you the freedom to control electro play, your way. The only limit is your imagination! The revolutionary technology inside this advanced e-stim stimulator is a world first for the electro sex category and nothing quite like it has been previously attempted. AXIS has user-updatable firmware and we have held back a variety of features that will be unlocked in the future so as if there isn’t enough already going on with the AXIS stimulator there is also plenty to look forward to in the future.


    Wave/Pulse Modes - Pre-programmed patterns that showcase a range of sensations (11 Wave/12 Pulse)

    Flick Mode - Inherited from our EM60 unit, our patented Flick mode utilises the internal accelerometer. Literally flick the unit (like cracking a whip!) for a virtual spank of intensity to the connected accessory. 5 Varieties

    Tilt - Tilt AXIS to control the sensation with precision. 5 Varieties.

    Proximity - control the stimulation with the literal proximity of the unit to your body

    Microphone - Flux responds relation to external sounds/voice using an integrated microphone. 5 Varieties

    Line-In - Use direct line-in audio (from any audio source with a 3.5mm headphone jack) to control the stimulation. 4 varieties.

    AXIS is presented in a branded storage case that also has a small amount of spare storage space.

    Included in the case:

    • AXIS advanced e-stim stimulator (EM200)
    • Belt clip
    • USB charging/data cable
    • Stereo Line-in cable
    • 2 x ElectraStim accessory cables
    • 4 x conductive pads
    • Reset pin
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Warranty Card


    Read Full Instruction Manual

    Watch the Videos

    How To Update Software


    Peace of Mind

    The ElectraStim AXIS Luxury Electro Stimulator comes with a 1 year warranty as standard which can be extended to 3 years for free. All warranty registrants will also be contacted directly when new firmware updates are available.