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ElectraStim - Halo

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The ElectraStim Halo clitoral stimulator is a bi-polar clitoral electrode that offers a little something different for fans of clit stimming. Use the petite contact at the tip for firm, sharper sensations during pussy torture or activate the larger contact for softened stimulation and a more sensual experience. The bi-polar design allows you to use one or both contacts at once, so you can choose to use Halo alongside any uni-polar electrode. An insulated base keeps stimulation exactly where you want it.

The conical shape lends itself to being rolled along the clitoral shaft for intense direct stimulation and is also ideal for shallow penetration to give you gentle vaginal contractions. For the best possible experience we recommend that you apply some water-based lubricant to the surface of the toy and on your skin before play.

One of the most intense sensations you can produce with electro-sex, clitoral stimulation is an acquired taste that is best suited to electro-play enthusiasts. To ensure the more stable and smooth sensation make sure you use plenty of water based lubricant.


Halo measures 1.25 inches in diameter and has a circular base and conical shape.


Made from marine-grade aluminium and acrylic. Two removable nitrile rings around the base provide insulation for your grip during play.

Note: You will need one of ElectraStim's Stimulators to power this toy.


As with all electro-sex accessories and devices, this must be used below the waist only.