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MISTER SIZE - 49MM - 3 Pack

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MISTER SIZE 49 is the ideal companion for your sensitive, elegant penis. Working together you will create wonderful moments of great ecstasy. You really don't need a mighty beast to fully enjoy the moment or move mountains, just the right feelings for those intimate touches that send shivers of pleasure running through your body. MISTER SIZE 49 gives you protection without wasting a single tinge of feeling.

Your personal condom is like a tailor-made suit for special occasions — everything fits perfectly and you can be at your best. From now on you can enjoy this feeling in all your love-making experiences.

Many people have had negative experiences with condoms, which is usually down to the wrong condom size. Once you have found your ideal and personal condom size, you will immediately feel the difference. Everything will fit perfectly and you can concentrate on the most beautiful thing in the world.


  • slender fit for sensitive sex
  • non-slip and secure fit — even for rather narrow penises
  • ultra-thin (0.05 mm wall thickness) - for pure intensity
  • transparent & smooth
  • made of natural rubber latex
  • nominal width of 49 mm

You can easily find out which condom size will best fit you by using the Mister Size Measuring Tape - Print your measuring guide here

MISTER SIZE gives you a whole new feeling during sex while at the same time offering optimal safety. All MISTER SIZE condoms comply with DIN standard EN ISO 4074:2002 and are subject to careful testing. Having a condom with optimal safety breeds confidence and certainty which allows you both to totally relax and let go during love-making.