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Oxballs - Screwd

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SCREW’D is a blubbery jerk off toy inspired by men and the things that make ‘em cum. 

The inner chamber has a gnarly hollow spiral shaped core that feels fuckin’ amazing sliding up n’ down your greased up meat. 

The textured outside doubles as a grip so you can really work your greased up junk (no matter how lubey your mitts get)....

Don’t let the heavy-metal lookin’ design fool you...SCREW’D is made from Oxball's signature FLEX-TPR so it’s super fleshy n’ rubbery to the touch.

And for you show-off gooners out there, the clear design is perfect for watching your swollen hog gettin' milked nice n' slow.

Fill it with lube, stuff your junk in and fuck it ‘til you drain your nuts...puts a whole new meaning to the term 'screw yourself'...

FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic…and phthalate free

Lube safe:  water-based


Stats (Approximate):

Length: 7”/ 17.78 cm

Smallest Outside Circumference: 4”/ 10.16 cm

Largest Outside Circumference: 10”/ 25.4 cm