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Rimba - Latex Mask / Hood S-M

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This black latex mask is made of high quality natural latex.
It is a unisex mask and can be worn by both males and females.

The mask has holes for the eyes, so the sub can see.
There's a small hole at the mouth to breathe.

Stretches up to 600%.

Latex is a natural product that is a stretchable material.

Handle the latex gently to avoid tearing.

Latex will shine nicely when you spray it with a Latex shiny spray.

When putting on the latex, it is best to use a water-based lubricant or talcum powder to make it easier to get on and off.

Also make sure you are not wearing rings or other sharp objects when putting on the latex, it can cause tearing.

Be generous with lube, especially on the arms, hips and legs.

If you have used talcum powder, you can easily wash it off with shampoo and water.

When it is dry you can powder it with talcum powder so that it does not stick, put it in a plastic bag and keep it dark.