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Satisfyer - Renewing Powder

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Satisfyer Men Renewing Powder is the perfect addition to the care routine for your masturbator. In order to retain the velvety soft surface for a long time, the powder was specifically adapted to the skin-like material of the sleeves.
The powder should be stored as cool and dry as possible to maintain the fine powdery consistency. By regularly treating your masturbator with the maintenance powder, you will ensure a breathtaking, fresh feeling and smooth surface with every use.

To clean your masturbator well, take out the sleeve (if in a case) and wash it thoroughly under running water with a mild soap. Then disinfect the cover and let it dry completely before applying the care powder. Just sprinkle a small amount of the Men Renewing Powder on the sleeve and spread it around. You can tap off the excess powder if necessary. Now all you have to do is put the sleeve back in place so it’s ready for the next round of intense climaxes!