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Sexy 6 - Pride Edition Dice - Gender Neutral

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With 720 possible sexy scenarios to play with you can’t fail to be winners with these spicy dice.
Roll all together for impromptu fun or one at a time to feel the excitement and anticipation build.

In beautiful rainbow colours the dice dictate your sexual fate:

  • Die 1: WHO - Who will take the lead and initiate intimacy?
  • Die 2: USING - What props can be utilised to enhance play?
  • Die 3: WEARING - How will you be dressed for your erotic exploits?
  • Die 4: START WITH - What foreplay will help you get in the mood?
  • Die 5: LEADS TO - What position will get the passion rising?
  • Die 6: FINISH WITH - Switch to this position as you approach climax!

* Roll an ACE and you get to fix ALL dice to your OWN desire!

Perfect to play for He, She or They!