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Skins - Assorted x16

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The Skins Assorted Condoms offers an assortment of plain, textured, and ultra-thin condoms. This convenience pack is perfect for men who need regular size condoms. Thickness, width, and length varies with the type of condom. The Skins Assorted Condoms pack includes: Skins Natural Condoms Skins Dots & Ribs Condoms Skins Ultra Thin Condoms Skins Natural condoms are made of natural rubber latex infused with a light vanilla scent. You'll never be bothered by that annoying latex smell again. With a thickness of 0.065mm, they feel like a second skin and they are extremely comfortable. These condoms are 55mm wide and 190mm long. Skins Dots & Ribs have the same thickness as the Natural and the same vanilla scent, but they are textured. Their size is also different, with a nominal width of 54mm and 180mm long. These condoms have raised dots on the shaft and ribs on the head – a pattern designed to enhance vaginal stimulation and help your partner reach a faster and more powerful climax. Skins Ultra Thin condoms are 0.055mm thick; they are 180mm long and 55mm wide. You can use them every time you want to feel as close as possible to your partner. All condom varieties are colourless and unflavoured. We stock Skins Assorted Condoms in packs of 12, 16, 24 or 36 condoms. The 12-pack contains: 4x Natural condoms (55mm) 4x Dots & Ribs condoms (54mm) 4x Ultra Thin condoms (55mm) The 16-pack contains: 6x Natural condoms (55mm) 5x Dots & Ribs condoms (54mm) 5x Ultra Thin condoms (55mm) All Skins Assorted Condoms are electronically tested for safety and are CE marked to the standard ISO4074: 2002.